Mrs. Washington America Pageant
The Pageant will be held August 14, 2021, 5:00 PM at the Kenneth Minnaert Theater for the Arts in Olympia.
Beckie Takashima, Miss Washington for America, is a registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer with professional experience working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Beckie is familiar with the level and quality of care that patients deserve. She enjoys working directly with patients and doctors to help find answers to patient’s medical problems, making a difference and positively impacting numerous lives.

Beckie has quite a diverse background in educational experiences. In addition to her Sonography degree from Tacoma Community College, she also earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Trumpet Performance from Chapman University. She furthered her love for music and earned her Master of Music- Trumpet Performance from the University of Southern California. Although Beckie has chosen the medical field to further her career, she is grateful for what her advanced educational experience has taught her including hard work, perseverance, grit and determination. The never-ending quest for self improvement is what drives her to achieve all her goals no matter what field they may be in to this day.

Community involvement has been a cornerstone of Beckie’s live since she was a small child. She grew up with a very involved family that could be found on many occasions volunteering for the schools in which Beckie and her siblings attended. It wasn’t until her adult life that she realized this was a very unique upbringing and one that molded her into the woman she is today. She continues to advance within the Miss for America organization because she believes in the pageant’s motto of “Making a Difference.”

Beckie’s platform is “Unity in the Community.” She enjoys connecting people in her community and drawing people out of their comfort zones to attend and/or volunteer at family-friendly events. The amount of technology that has inundated our generation has greatly reduced the amount that we interact on a human-to-human level. This predicament has only worsened in 2020 due to all of the lockdowns. Beckie has given research speeches educating community members on how vital human interaction is to promoting good holistic health. She aims to show how connectedness is vital to our health just as much as food, shelter, and clothing. Her platform also aims to fight loneliness which is at the root of mental health struggles that many of us are experiencing today. Even in a time where it may be difficult to be involved physically in person, Beckie encourages people to be a light and do a simple act of kindness no matter how small because they can cause a ripple effect and help individuals feel part of a community.

Beckie’s involvement with the Miss for America’s national charity, The Victoria Siegel Foundation, extends over the past 2 years, during her reign as Miss Pierce County for America and now as Miss Washington for America. Beckie believes that educating our youth of the dangers of substance abuse is the key to giving them support and healthy alternatives.

Other community involvement includes: Emergency Food Network, Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank, Puyallup Food Bank, Nourish Pierce County, Ashley House, Regional Highland Games, Assisted Living Facilities, 5K fundraisers, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and much more!

Beckie has an incredibly supportive fiancé named Jason and his two daughters that have been so excited and proud to be a part of her journey volunteering alongside her at many of her appearances. In her spare time you can find Beckie traveling, hiking, out running with an American flag, or connecting with friends.

Interesting Tidbits about Beckie:

·         She is half Japanese and Mexican

·         She competes in sprint triathlons

·         Favorite quote: “You gotta be hungry!” - Les Brown

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