Mrs. Washington America Pageant
Mrs. Washington AMERICA will be held June 15, 7:00PM 2019 at the Kenneth Minnaert Theater  for the Arts in Olympia.
Magan Waldron grew up in West Texas and has loved calling Washington her home for the last 20 years, she and her husband Klayton just celebrated their 12th wedding Anniversary and have been together for 17 years. They have one son who is 8, Kooper and is the light of their lives. Magan is a Public Relations and Customer Service guru for Olympic Peninsula Title, she has been in the industry for 17 years.  When you can’t find her donating her time to the many various charities that she holds dear to her heart, you will find her cheering on her son at the basketball court, football field and the dirt bike track. She truly lives by her words, when you have more than you need you build a longer table, not a higher fence.

Magan has been competing in pageants since she was 19 years old, she started out in the Miss Washington USA system, and was the 1st in the pageants history to win the Miss Congeniality Award by 100% of the delegates that she competed against. She placed top 10 both times she competed, which encouraged her to grow and improve. Magan eventually married her best friend, and at the age of 33 found the Mrs. Washington America system and thought why not…. you can be married, be a mom, an employee and still live out your dreams and become the best version of yourself. When you find something that sparks a fire in you, you run to it with everything you have and that is just what she did, competing and improving every step of the way. Not to mention she immensely enjoyed the sisterhood and making lifelong friends with remarkable woman that she would have never had the chance to meet until she started on her journey to the crown. She placed top 10 the first time, took a year off then came back on her second year placing 3rd runner up. The 3rd time was the charm for Magan as her husband crowned her on June 23rd in Olympia, she is honored and humbled to be your Mrs. Washington America 2018.

Magan loves that the Mrs. Washington America System is about empowering woman and helping them “Make a Difference” in their communities and the state as a whole. Her Platform is Operation Uplift which is a non-profit cancer organization that solely supports Clallam County Residents who are battling cancer and also pays for mammograms for woman who are under insured or un-insured. She will be working with other counties to encourage them to model the program, which has been solely supported by Clallam County Residents since 1983. Magan is using her year to promote her platform, to raise money and awareness for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, a very near and dear Platform to her as she has sat on an all-women’s Guild for the past four years helping raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for families to aid in un-compensated care and also the Victoria Siegel Foundation to help aid in the opioid epidemic, as it hits very close to home, having a family member that is a recovering drug addict.

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