We offer complimentary monthly workshops, events and a mentoring program in different locations throughout the state.

Things we are involved in:

Fundraising - Hope Heart Institute
Free Monthly Workshops
Field Trips
Model on New Day Northwest TV Show - Tuesdays
Sister Queen Mentoring Program
Seminar - getting sponsors & Interview Skills
Preparatory Pageants to help you get prepared for the state pageant- Redmond, Kirkland,  Bellevue, Everett &  Moses Lake
Trunk shows  - gowns, interview suits, shoes, cocktail dresses and physical fitness wear at Nordstrom, Macy’s & private venues
Workshop Topics:

Career Development
Interview skills
Dressing for pageant interviews versus job interviews
How the skills learned in pageants can be used in your career
Tips for image management
Community Service
Why community service is important
How to become a volunteer in your community
How to choose your pageant platform
Dressing for Success
Dressing for pageant interviews versus job interviews
How to do well in the swimsuit competition portion of a pageant
How to choose an evening gown for a pageant
The importance of staying physically fit
How to squeeze exercise into a busy life
Indoor or outdoor exercise: Which is better?
The importance of cardiovascular exercise and weight-bearing exercise
Hair & Make-up
How to find a great hair stylist
Secret tips of make-up artists to look great in a pageant
Day make-up versus stage make-up
Healthy Eating
How to eat healthy when you lead a busy life
The A-B-Cs of nutrition